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Dandelion Nature Journal
Time Lapse of putting together a Watercolor Nature Journal.

The Common Dandelion
Let’s paint the Common Dandelion! Have your art supplies and paint ready! If you have some dandelions outside- pick a few and bring them! Learn a few facts about the dandelion and jump into doing your Nature Journal!

Abstract Bird
Let’s paint an Abstract Robin! Use whatever colors you would like! I used primary colors: red, blue, and a splash of yellow. Enjoy this live class. Thanks to my brother for helping with music (music is instrumental harp music from You Tube). Sorry for the camera falling mid filming! 

Cherry Blossoms Nature Journal
Time Lapse of my Cherry Blossoms Nature Journal page! Some fun Cherry Blossom facts and of course my watercolor of a Cherry Blossom branch. Fun, fun!!

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