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Explore Nature through Nature Journaling!

Nature Journaling is fun!  It gives you a chance to be creative, create your own unique journal, and learn about the nature around you.  1) Explore the nature outside around you, take a few specimens-- some flowers, some leaves, etc (or pictures of them). 2) Identify them through Nature books, online, or a plant identification app.     3) Paint them (or sketch, color, etc.)!  Read here about my online Nature Journaling with Watercolor Class ! 4) Learn more about whatever you chose to paint-- how it's used, it's scientific name, where it grows, what the growth season is, if it has a medicinal use, if it's used in food, any special things about it that stand out to you, etc!   5) Write about it!  Be creative and write about it in your Nature Journal!  Include any important details from what you learned and any details that you personally found unique that you want to include.  Have fun and enjoy your journal for years to come!

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