Announcing ONLINE Watercolor Class for Kids!

Let's get Creative!!

My sisters have been telling me to start up some paint classes for kids for some time now, but with Corona in the air- that's made it very impossible to hold classes in person so I have decided to start a watercolor class online!  I'm starting with a two week trial class that will feature two classes a week to see if there's a lasting interest... after that I'll reconvene with everyone and if there's still an interest--- we'll continue!

Nature Journaling with Watercolor

Update! Two Week Class Session starts April 7th!
What you will need:
Download the app on your phone, computer, iPad, etc and you'll receive info for the Meeting ID and password to join.  It's super easy to use and you only need the app- making an account with Zoom is optional.

Paint & Brush
Watercolor paint is the best option, but if that is not available to you.... other types of paint can be used or even markers. Watercolor paint sets & a paint brush can be purchased via Amazon or Fred Meyers has a simple set that includes a paint brush in their craft section.   

Though watercolor paper is ideal.... a lot of us can't get out and craft stores are closed so normal paper, construction paper, multi-media paper, or card-stock can work. 

Water & Paper-towels
We all have this, right? 

Find point sharpie, gel pen, normal pen, etc!  Whatever you have at hand and home!

Class Details-
Spring is finally here!  Each week we will learn about a new flower, leaf, or something else from nature!  Paint along during class and learn about mixing colors, painting with watercolor, and different techniques.
  • Classes will take place on Tuesdays & Fridays at 11 am and run for about 30 min. with a little extra time for any questions.
  • This class series is directed towards kids, but if you're older and want to join- you are welcome!
  • This class is free! :) But if you'd like to donate-- you can do so, on this site through the donation button.
  •  Class runs for two weeks!  Will continue if there's an interest!!
  • You will receive an email before the class to make sure that you have all the joining details and are ready!
Feeling creative?
Please include your name, the names and ages of child/children, and an email address that you regularly check!  Also, if you have any questions, include them and I will get back to you!
Once you sign up-- you will receive a welcoming email to confirm your sign up within 24 hours.
Looking forward to painting with you!!


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